Holiday Favorites

 Real Card Studio

Gumdrop :: Spring Green Columns with Dupioni Silk wrap,
Black Eclipse layer, letterpress printing in black ink. Apple envelope.

Gingersnap :: photo printed on heavy white stock, letterpressed in Plum ink

Icicle :: Granita folding card with satin ribbon wrap, Charcoal layer,
letterpress printing in lime ink

Starlite :: Anisette coaster paper, letterpress printing in Poppy + Lime

Punch :: Lime Leaf square folder with Sno Cone wrap, satin ribbon
tied with printed tag. Letterpress printing in Black ink.

Cognac :: Granita card letterpress printed in Peacock ink,
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Hummingbird satin knot, Charcoal backer.

Tinsel :: White square with rounded corners
letterpress printed in Apple + Platinum.

Garland :: Soft White card letterpress printed in Charcoal ink,
satin ribbon wrap with Granita backer.

Holiday frenzy has finally started, hooray! Here's a few more Real Card Studio favorite holiday card styles, with new faster turn around time. Clock starts at sign off, and we'll get proofs to dealers same day to help expedite the order. Check our website for a dealer near you!