Custom Personal Stationery

Custom hand lettered stationery by Real Card Studio
Granita stationery, French Roast hand lettering, Cocoa letterpress, Chestnut liner.
I'm missing the National Stationery Show this week. 2008 was the first time Real Card Studio exhibited, and although exhausting, it was a lot of fun. This year we felt like we really wanted to invest in our collection and existing dealers more than growing our dealership, but I cannot wait to get back to the show next year and catch up with all our friends!

In the spirit of exhibition, I thought I would share this gorgeous stationery ensemble with you. The person's name is meticulously hand lettered in our French Roast style calligraphy and letterpress printed in soy based Cocoa ink on metallic "Granita" cover weight stock, and the envelope is hand lined in Chestnut Lokta
. Nothing makes writing a personal note more fun than having stationery that you love. My favorite thing to do? Use up my pretty stationery so I have an excuse to make something new!

This order came to Real Card Studio from The Stovall Collection in Memphis, Tennessee.