Custom Patterns for B'not Mitzvah invitations

Wallpaper invitation with custom Argyle pattern by Real Card Studio

Wallpaper invitation with custom daisy pattern by Real Card Studio

Color Palette for Bat Mitzvah: Apple + Grape
Custom patterns are a great way to personalize and invitation and make it your own. Here are two examples that turned out exceptionally well, and by flush-mounting two already-double thick cards together, we made a really thick card. For both of these invitation projects, the client asked for a general theme ("daisies" and "argyle") and Real Card Studio custom designed the "wallpaper" patterns and matching icons used on the text side.

The patterns on both of these invitations are offset printed, which does not leave any impression the way letterpress printing does. Although Real Card Studio's primary print process is letterpress, when even coverage and more solid color are necessary to pull off the design, we always offset print. (See here and here for other examples of invitations that were produced via offset printing.) Not shown in the pictures, both of these invitation envelopes were also lined in the matching wallpaper. Once we put the pattern on press, it was relatively cost-effective to keep the press running and print custom liners to match. For added interest and texture, the text side of the invitation is letterpress printed. Fun and creative invitations!

Daisy invitation care of Proper Notice in Roslyn Heights, NY.
Argyle invitation care of Stationery Stephanie in Short Hills, NJ.