Classic Letterpress Birth Announcement for Baby Girl

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. I designed this sweet announcement for my cousin and her husband's new baby, Rose. Letterpress printed on recycled cotton paper on one side (in red ink because it is her mother's favorite color) with a photo mounted on the backside of this flat card.

I've noticed over the years, that all the holiday cards I send to my family with my son's picture on it are cut up so that they can frame the photo. So to prevent Rose's announcement from being secondary to this mailing, I attached her photo to the backside. Even though you won't see the spectacular hand lettering our calligrapher did of her name, Rose Katherine Penelope, at least it won't be separated, and stands a much better chance of remaining a cherished keepsake, intact.

The red envelopes were a natural choice, and the same calligrapher addressed the envelopes, just in her own handwriting, in white ink. And how perfect is that stamp? It's a little strange to me that USPS is now selling a few custom stamps from (for about twice the amount per stamp). But sometimes it's worth it to get it just right.

Did I mention the baby was 10 1/2 pounds?! Congratulations Katie and Scott!