Diecut Business Cards with Rounded Corners in Pink and Brown

letterpress printing, custom diecut, rounded corners Rock Paper Scissors in Franklin, TN
Business Cards for Rock Paper Scissors in Franklin, TN
letterpress printing, custom diecut, rounded corners Rock Paper Scissors in Franklin, TN
Want to see what 2,500 business cards on fat coaster paper looks like? When we boxed it all up, the business cards alone (not even counting the matching notecards we did), this shipment weighed 13 pounds. (That's a lot!) And we're so pleased that Lauren Rauter, Owner of Rock Paper Scissors in Franklin, Tennessee works with Real Card Studio for her own business cards. I've said it before, and I'll certainly say it again, but it is the highest compliment to us when people that sell stationery, carry countless lines and have relationships with as many vendors, choose Real Card Studio for their own projects.

So what went into the production of these amazing calling cards, you ask?

Step one: Design.

Lauren already has a great logo, (I suspect maybe her husband designed it. We've printed his business cards as well.) and she asked me for help with an update to her cards. She wanted a pattern on the backside, and we played around with some zig-zags (that looked really great) but she suggested the xo pattern from her logo, and it was the logical solution. Partly of course due to the personal logo and branding perspective, but mostly because it is really awesome!

Step two: Press time.

Now this project did not go so smoothly at first, I must confess. Lauren was so excited about the new design, she really wanted her cards done in time to take to the stationery show. Paper for the order was slow to arrive but we printed this complex project in record time. Everything was looking great. Five passes of letterpress printing (2 colors on the front, pink pattern on the back and 2 sets of imprints for different names and titles, and then we got to the final step: die-cutting. It quickly became apparent that something had shifted in the negative and plate process, and the logo on the front was in the wrong position. When the diecut for the center of the logo was cut out, it took out the name and title on the backside. There was nothing to be done, but start all over.

We couldn't send Lauren to the National Stationery Show without business cards, so we took two stacks of the cards, and glued them together so that they did line up and diecut them. A very tedious process, but it yielded just enough ridiculously-thick cards for her to hand out at the biggest stationery trade show of the year. After handling her new cards for a few days, Lauren decided she really wanted rounded corners on her cards, and since we were doing them over, we made the change.

letterpress printing, custom diecut, rounded corners Rock Paper Scissors in Franklin, TN
Business Stationery for Rock Paper Scissors in Franklin, TN
Step three: Repeat step two, with new plates for the logo and new die-cutting die for rounded corners.

Getting the logo into the correct position does not count as tricky, that was just an expensive error. What was tricky was printing the patterned background. A paper this thick and chunky, particularly coaster paper, manufactured to be absorbent, is tough to keep in register (keep the different colors printing in the right place between runs). But the real challenge was getting the pink ink light enough that it didn't make the text hard to read, but color coverage even enough that the pattern looked good. This design would not have worked with a darker ink color, it would have been to difficult to keep the ink coverage even, and a light ink is more forgiving of light spots. All complete, these fun and creative business cards are amazing!

You can read about Lauren's take on her new stationery here. Scroll down a few stories until you see the photos of her business cards.

Color Trend Palette: Freesia + Cocoa

A peek into Rock Paper Scissors-- notice the wall matches her business cards!
Real Card Studio created this custom stationery for Lauren at Rock Paper Scissors in Franklin, TN