Coaster Paper Notecard with Rounded Corners

rounded corners, letterpress printing in cocoa brown ink, elizabeth mayhew stationery
Real Card Studio's Diecut Notecard on Anisette stock, letterpress printed in Cocoa ink
Last week I came across a nice article in the New York Times covering the stationery wardrobe (obsession?) of one woman in New York City. It's a fun read that paper lovers can relate to. After reading the article and passing it on to some friends, I finally studied the first photograph in the article and was so pleased to see that Real Card Studio's Anisette notecard was very proudly displayed. It's a bummer (for me) that they didn't credit the design, but I am happy that I eventually noticed anyway. (You can't accuse me of just looking at the pictures!)

One of the readers of the article left a comment (#64) that I truly agree with:

"Though handwritten notes and letters might indeed be tossed away, there is value in saving them. When a friend dies, young or old, the letter or note might be the most intimate piece of memory left. Whether on dime-store stationary or terribly expensive notepaper, it could matter very much over time."

Real Card Studio created this stationery order for Kate's Paperie in NYC.

P.s. Check out Elizabeth Mayhew's home decor book,