Destination Wedding, Part III: Programs and Menus

aspen leaf motif, aspen mountain wedding
Petite square program, letterpress printed on cotton paper, tied with a satin knot.
Wedding program booklet by Real Card Studio

letterpress printing, calligrapher personalized guest name, gold, moss, pearlMenu personalized by a calligrapher doubles as a placecard at each plate.
letterpress printing, circle, signature drink, monogram, aspen leaf
Keepsake letterpress printed coasters with couple's monogram on front and the weekend's signature drink recipe on the backside.

Guests have all arrived at the Aspen destination, and it's finally time to celebrate! Everyone will recognize the program with the leaf motif that was introduced on their invitation, in the same papers, typestyles and ink colors that were introduced back when they first mailed their save the dates 4 to 6 months before the event. Natural like the outdoor mountain venue, yet elegant and classic like the couple and the tone of their wedding.

Programs are like the playbill for your event, listing at the very least, the order of service so that your guests know what to expect. More detailed programs will include details such as what music was played, the artist that created it, and if performed live, the musician playing at the ceremony. Weddings that have a wedding party, from a witness or two to a team of bridesmaids, maids and matrons of honor, flower girls, ring bearers, best men (and best women) groomsmen and the like. When there are people front and center that are not the obvious players (bride and groom), it's nice to tell the audience, your guests, who these other people are. Its here that your friends connect the dots, putting names to faces and vice versa.

In religious ceremonies, when you have guests that may not be familiar with the various traditions, it's nice to give brief descriptions and explanations of the events they will witness. To someone who has never been to a Jewish wedding, they might be surprised by the breaking of wine glasses. It's nice to give them a heads up that the ceremony has not just taken a turn for the worse. Likewise, some may wonder why in a Catholic wedding, somebody is tying a rope around the couple. Knowledge is good-- share it!

When the ceremony is over, the reception begins! Menus are a nice touch, because like the program, your guests want to know what's coming. These gorgeous menus are working twice as hard, having been personalized by a calligrapher to also serve as the place card. And anything with your name on it you're much more likely to keep. And the coasters? Well, these come with a recipe for the couple's signature cocktail the "Mountain Do"... who's not going to want to hang on to that?

Natural Elegance color palette in Gold and Moss
Real Card Studio created this custom wedding program, menu and coaster for Eventiste Marcy Blum Associates in New York City.