Invitation for a Modern Bar Mitzvah in New York

Cosmopolitan invitation in aqua, ivory and brown

Handmade Lokta chestnut wrap
Letterpress printing, Bar Mitzvah invitationAlternating color insert cards to coordinate with the custom Bar Mitzvah invitation.

I'm partial to this style, Real Card Studio's Cosmopolitan invitation, offered in our wedding collection for it's contemporary typesetting and practical functionality. But what I love about it as a business owner is the ease in which people are able to visualize it in their own colors. Some invitations people order exactly as we show it, hopefully because the paper and ink combinations we chose at the design stage were a slam-dunk, but I also think sometimes its because customers can't visualize it other than how it is shown. But this style you'll see me post fairly regularly, and it will be a new, wonderful color scheme each time. People that are drawn to the layout, quickly recognize how easy it is to create a personal look in their own colors to truly make it their own. (Next week, I'm going to show you how an international couple used it for their Hindu wedding!)

Color palette: Cocoa + Aqua