Letterpress Printed Birth Announcements with Quatrefoil Monogram

Noah's stationery
Birth announcement with blind impression monogram with text letterpress printed in Cement + Aqua inks on Super-thick Pearl White cotton paper. Matching stationery with blind impression monogram bleeding off the card.
I think most designers will agree, there's no tougher project than a personal project. Today's feature is one such labor of love: my second son's birth announcement.

This project challenged me much more than working on my first son's announcements, which I had pre-printed (as much as I could) and was ready to go 3 months before he was born. But I found my solution by going through past projects. The quatrefoil monogram was something I had designed for an interior designer's logo. It wasn't quite right for her, but it was one that I still loved. When I came across it, I knew I had solved Noah's birth announcements, and I just love them. And the efficiency of using the monogram portion of the announcement as his stationery makes me so happy.

The finishing touch– envelopes beautifully addressed by Real Card Studio's calligrapher, and my friend, Karen Yee Chan.