Modern Color Combination Copper + Lavender B'not Mitzvah Invitation

Real Card Studio's Margarita pocket folder in copper with lavender invitation letterpress printed in copper ink. Hand dyed silk bow. Hand lettered names.

This stunning B'not Mitzvah invitation for twin girls came out so beautifully that it inspired one of the new styles coming to Real Card Studio's Summer updates! 

The colors are unusual without being weird, in fact I think the copper and lavendar combo comes of classic in a non-traditional way. The copper ink, even the most delicate type, letterpress printed so beautifully, but the bolder names, hand lettered by our calligrapher LeeAnn, are just outstanding. And what everyone loves most about Real Card Studio's Margarita invitation is, of course, the efficient pocket to hold the response set and additional party card. The whole invitation, orchestrated by the delightful and talented Ruth at Stationery Station in Highland Park, Illinois, is pitch perfect.