Bold Typesetting on a Gray and Red Holiday Card

No. 2 of 2010

We are counting down Real Card Studio's Top Ten of 2010 design projects, and #2 made the cut for a few reasons, but you'll have to agree, this holiday card is quite stunning.

Following the set up of our
Cosmopolitan wedding invitation, this card keeps the Charcoal folder and Granita metallic layer, but instead of wrapping in a wide satin, this client opted for a wide wrap of hand-dyed Of The Earth silk in my favorite gray. What really puts this one over the top, however is the fun typesetting for their greeting, letterpress printed in Poppy red ink. On the inside, there is room for a photo and we did gloss pigment foil printing in red. Cool, contemporary and festive all at the same time.

Color palette: Gray and Red
Real Card Studio worked with Silberman Brown Stationery in Seattle, WA to create this beautiful holiday card.