Henna Illustrated Indian/Hindu Wedding Party Program

Real Card Studio's "Henna" Custom Illustrated Wedding Party Program
Wedding Program for an Modern Indian Wedding

Of all the new pieces for the latest update to Real Card Studio's wedding invitation collection, this is the one I am most excited about. Inspired by the silhouette wedding party program we did for Kara Gordon, owner of Magnificent Milestones in Chicago, I asked the talented Juli Douglas of Juli Douglas Illustration to create an illustration of an Indian wedding party. For inspiration, I sent her my copies of South Asian Bride magazine, and then left the details up to her, knowing she would of course exceed my expectations. I couldn't be more pleased.

Why an illustrated wedding party? I'll admit, until I designed a similar program for a friend of mine, I didn't realize the impact having even generic silhouettes of the wedding party connected the people on stage with who they were in the program. I always thought it was just as easy for wedding-goers to look down a list of bridesmaids, and generally follow the order from top to bottom as they stood further from the center, from the bride and groom. But I witnessed the reaction people had to having pictures with a line to the corresponding names, and it was phenomenal. It made the program not just a guide to the service, but a keepsake that deepened the overall experience. Customizing the illustration to more closely resemble the actual wedding party makes it that much more personal and enduring.

The Henna illustrated bridal party program (which pairs nicely with our "Cardamom" modern Indian wedding invitation) is being assembled onto pages as I type, Real Card Studio's new wedding invitation designs will be in select stores nationwide very soon!