Real Card Studio's bold and beautiful new website!

Real Card Studio is delighted to announce the launch of our completely new website at!

Displeased with my (old) website, I often searched the internet for new-website-inspiration, looking for something to grab me, to help me decide what sort of direction to take to inspire me to take action. When I saw this website for a Seattle dentist, I suddenly knew what I wanted. The way the site moves left to right instead of up and down; it just seemed more natural and modern (in the contemporary sense of the word). Suddenly, the up and down motion of most websites felt a generation behind. And clicking on menu links has never been so delightful. Watching the site whiz back and forth as I made selections and clicking through the carousel of photos... I. HAD. TO. HAVE. IT.

I was hooked after my first meeting with Henry, Susana and Andre at States of Matter, the firm responsible for the dentist's website. I now, not only needed a website, but also a brand refresh as well. The two were inseparable. States of Matter’s process yielded inspiring results that have helped me re-find my focus on what Real Card Studio is all about.

Hiring another designer to do my website, it had to be someone impeccable because I was going to be very picky.

I admit, it was hard at times to get out of the way and let Henry lead. He endured some pretty ridiculous "client input" about the design along the way. ('Maybe we should have someone's hands in all the photos', I said.) But I had to remind myself that while I am an expert of stationery and invitation design, Henry is the gifted branding expert (while stalking him before I reached out, I read somewhere that he designed the logo for Blue Nile). The direction he took with the design was far from what I thought I wanted-- and more than I could dream. (Left to my own devices, this would have been my inspiration.) I definitely needed the outside perspective.

foil printing in white on black, name jumble, booklet, square
Real Card Studio's Salt & Pepper mitzvah invitation with custom "name jumble" foil printed in white on black.
Duplexed card, neon yellow, letterpress printing
Real Card Studio's Mia note card in Ultrawhite duplexed with Neon, letterpress printed in Rose pink ink.
When it came to the overall look of the website, photography would obviously be cast in the starring role. 

Photographer/Designer Ariel Nay did a phenomenal job making sure our print work shined neon-bright. I vow to never, ever again shoot my own product photos (especially with my phone). I am much better than that, now.

The store locator map was the biggest piece of artwork on the site not related to our print designs, and of course we worked with my favorite illustrator, Juli Douglas. An incredibly beautiful "Map of New York City, Showing the Distribution of the Principal Nationalities by Sanitary Districts" (using 1890 U.S. Census data), that I found on Pinterest, served as our inspiration. Charted data never looked so chic!
Map of United States illustrated by Juli Douglas for Real Card Studio.
So if you’re still reading while I ramble on about how much I love my new website… go see it here! Please leave a comment, let us know what you think!  

Photography by Ariel Nay. Map illustration by Juli Douglas.