Striking Invitation for Corporate Annual Meeting

(See what I did there, with the title?) In this instance, by striking we of course mean attractive and impressive.

The gray textured invitation folder, like a nice wool suit, gives this piece the corporate-cred it needs, but the alternating red and ivory pages inside, detailing the event, is where this invitation starts to overcome the stuffy reputation of corporate invitations. The cotton herringbone knot gives it a touch of femininity without turning off the men in the audience, and the letterpress printing communicates that quality and craftsmanship is important. And the red envelope liner to tie it all together-- that just tells us that the group in charge of this event has very good taste.

Who wouldn't be excited to get this piece of mail like this-- at work, no less. Book that business-class ticket, everyone will be replying 'yes'!

Real Card Studio partnered with Kate's Paperie in NYC to create this handsome corporate invitation. Photos by Fresh Outtakes.