Hand Colored Illustrations on a Bat Mitzvah Invitation

Heart motif, rainbow motif, torah scroll motif, letterpress printing
Hand colored icons for each of the Bat Mitzvah celebration events
Double pocket folder invitation for multiple insert cards
Gorgeous hand-dyed silk ribbon with hand colored illustration in lavender and pear green

heart motif, pink, hand coloring, letterpress printing
In lieu of gifts card with a rainbow hand colored in pink, green and blue to introduce a charity close to the child's heart.
flower motif, pink, blue, purple hand coloring, letterpress printing
Floral illustration hand colored in pink, blue and lavender was used throughout the invitation, as shown on this reply card.

I love our Bat Mitzvah invitation projects. Such celebrations account for some of our most outlandish and crazy invitation projects, and also some of the sweetest. This post is one of the latter (although it felt more like the crazy-and-outlandish type when we were working in all the hand coloring amidst our start of the holiday card rush last season.) And what a treat it was to see it all put together.

For this young lady, Real Card Studio made a custom square pocket folder with two pockets, as each insert card was backed in a coordinating color, and there was just too much to squeeze it all into one pocket. When you have a lot of information to communicate to your guests, you want to spread it out so that it's not overwhelming. By separating each topic onto a different card, guests can find the information when they are ready for it, rather than sifting through too much text and missing important points. 

For each of the topics, we created a custom illustrated icon-- a Star of David for the service, a heart for the dinner and dance party, a rainbow for her mitzvah project, a torah scroll for the shabbat luncheon, and a lovely flower was used for the front tag, reply card, return address, custom placecards and her personal stationery. Each was hand colored to coordinate with the color of the card backers in lime green, cobalt, fuchsia and lavendar purple.

Cards indicating what the mitvah-ee would like In Lieu of Gifts or a Tzedakah card, is another nice inclusion with the invitation. It's a chance for guests to see where the child's heart lays in terms of where they want to give back to their community and their world.

It is not uncommon for mitzvah invitations to include a card to introduce the Torah portion their service will cover. I think it's nice for guests that may not be familiar with the section of scripture-- or the Bat Mitzvah ceremony itself, to get a preview of what the service will be about.

Hand coloring the invitations gives them a very personalized look. A treatment that is carefully considered and touched one-by-one conveys a message of caring that I think is very appropriate for a Bat Mitzvah celebration invitation.

Real Card Studio created this lovely hand colored Bat Mitzvah invitation for a client of Reva Nathan and Associates in Chicago, IL. Photographed by Fresh Outtakes.