Elegant Invitations for a Hindu-Jewish Wedding

Hindu South Asian Indian Wedding Jewish
reply card, gold foil, navy letterpress printing
Indian Hindu Jewish gold foil hand lettering navy and gold

How do you combine a Hindu family from Massachusetts with a Jewish family from New York? With a very custom designed wedding invitation, of course!

Working with Melinda at Lion in the Sun, we started from scratch on all the design elements for this invitation. The bride loved ornate patterns and beautiful hand lettering, her parents were very formal and proper. And of course they wanted to embrace the combining of their respective Hindu and Jewish cultures... with an Om ensconced in a Star of David.  The result was a very formal, elegant navy blue and gold with ecru combination of foil and letterpress printing. Classic typography paired with the most beautiful hand-calligraphed lettering for the headings and the couple's name exceptionally expressed the formality of the ceremony and celebration.

Real Card Studio partnered with Lion in the Sun in Brooklyn, NY to create this one-of-a-kind wedding invitation.