Just About That Action, Boss

I have to confess: I'm a fair-weather football fan. I couldn't be bothered with it for most of the season, I finally watched the last 5 minutes of the Seahawks vs. 49ers game, and then the Super Bowl. (They kind of made that whole business look pretty easy.) We've had a great year, and the Seahawk fans are, well, total fanatics. It's been contagious. And the team this year is just so interesting. Great guys, great personalities.

So I admit, I've caught the fever and hopped on the band wagon. Call it what you will, I'm not ashamed. And as a lover-of-a-good-quote, our own Marshawn "Beast Mode" Lynch gave such a catchy one in his brief interview that I've been repeating to myself all day. (And I'm not the only one, it's been remixed too.) So here's my homage to the Seattle Seahawks. Because I, too, am all about that action, boss.