Love Boldly, Valentine!

Love Boldly Valentine by Real Card Studio
Split fountain letterpress printing in neon yellow and neon pink on Reich Savoy 118# cotton. Designed by Real Card Studio.
I didn't quite get to sending out Christmas cards this year, but I think I've made up for it today. I've been trying to find the right project to try out a "split fountain". Split fountain means instead of putting just one ink color on press, you split the fountain and put two colors on at once and let them run together in the middle. Pick the right colors, and you get a beautiful ombré gradation like the one we did here.

We dropped in the personalization in gold foil at the bottom (and I used these for work, personal and Union Street Papery mailed out to their version to all of their valentines!)

Love boldly, my friends. Have a happy Valentine's day.

Valentine designed by Real Card Studio. Photographed by Fresh Outtakes. (See Kim's post about receiving this valentine in the mail here!)