Ultramodern Engraved Wedding Invitations by Real Card Studio

VALENTINA engraved modern romantic wedding invitation in yellow and silver by Real Card Studio
"VALENTINA" Lemon yellow card stock engraved in silver with ultramodern silver roses envelope liners, silver edge paint.
"Ginger" wedding invitation engraved in aqua blue and chartreuse by REAL CARD STUDIO
"GINGER" Asian red card stock engraved in mint and chartreuse with Italian ribbons envelope liners, aqua edge paint.
"Coronado" wedding invitation engraved in white on navy with neon pink edge paint by REAL CARD STUDIO
"CORONADO" Preppy navy blue invitation and backer engraved in white and edge painted in neon pink with pink and white striped envelope liner.
"Russo" wedding invitation engraved in gray and brown on white cotton with edge paint, by REAL CARD STUDIO
"RUSSO" Bright white thick cotton card engraved in masculine grey and brown with ash gray edge paint.

Ash grey engraving and edge paint on thick white cotton by Real Card Studio
Edge paint on heavy cotton cardstock.
Real Card Studio is so very pleased to announce that our new Engraved Wedding Collection is now in stores! This is a preview of a few of the ultramodern designs included in the new collection, but you really need to see and touch them in person to appreciate the thick colored papers, contrast edge painting and fine detailed intaglio printing.

In the stationery industry, we call these invitations "engraved" but really, it's the copper printing plate that is engraved with the image that the ink builds up in, leaving a raised image on the paper. Very old, traditional print method made new with bold colors and designs.

All designs by Real Card Studio. Photographed by Fresh Outtakes.