Lioncrest Modern Traditional Engraved Wedding Invitation

Lioncrest invite close
Lioncrest wedding invitation engraved in black and gold inks on double thick cotton paper

lioncrest suite
Lioncrest engraved wedding invitation suite with matching response set and informal notes.

reply set lioncrest
Graphic postage complements the modern slant to these formal invitations.

The most formal and opulent of occasions calls for a traditional invitation with understated elegance. An invitation printed on paper that just feels nice in your hands--the weight, the cotton--something your guests won't want to put down until they've run their fingers over the bump of the fine engraving. And typography that is at once formal and fancy, without being the least bit silly.

Real Card Studio's double-thick cotton invitation is engraved in black and gold inks with edges painted in gold to finish it perfectly. The black linen reply envelope gives interest to the package while keeping the formality intact.

You won't have to tell your guests "formal attire" required. They'll just know.

Real Card Studio's engraved wedding invitations are available at Saint Clair Stationers in Greenwich, CT. Please visit our website for more locations. Photos by Fresh Outtakes.