Four Times Pretty Postage Stamps Made Your Invitations Better

bowl of stamps

You can always tell when someone has put in the extra effort to match their stamps to their stationery or invitation. Sometimes we even design custom printed postage to go with an invitation design. But as an art nerd, I'm surprisingly far more impressed when standard issue postage stamps are used and they match as well, if not better than custom postage. And the more stamps the better--as long as they're all different! Collecting stamps for your big mailing project does take a little work. There are a few ways to find stamps for your special mailing.

If you're lucky, there's a great post office in your area where you can go in person and find a patient postal worker willing to pull out all the available options. There are even some post offices that stock older out of print stamps, where you'll find more variety. And actually, I have pretty good luck finding great postage on the USPS website. Be sure to browse all postage denominations, sometimes the perfect stamp might is a 10-center; find something to pair with it to get enough to make your mailing rate (always, always have your special mailings weighed for postage rate at the post office; it would be a pity to go to all this trouble and have it all come back to you because you didn't put enough postage). Splurge if you have to--paying an extra ten-cents for perfect looking postage wouldn't be the end of the world. Plan ahead, if you can order online they'll mail it to you so you can avoid hoofing it to the post office.

Here are four times the postage matched so well, it actually improved the overall mailing: 

Her stationery is gorgeous--beautiful hand lettered name by Karen Yee Chan, letterpress printed in the most beautiful shade of lavender ink. You wouldn't think it could get any better, but look what happened when we paired it with postage in purple, magenta and chartreuse! Yes, we cheated, these are vintage stamps, but it just goes to show you that it's worth the effort to shop around for stamps.


On the trendy side, this charming stationery features a crossed-arrows motif and chevron envelope liner in an earthy taupe color with kraft envelopes. To make it pop, we paired it with postage we found in bright neutrals like oxblood and olive, and even matched it thematically with an owl stamp with an earthy green background. See? Better.

Noah card

This felt like a trick question because, what matches no color? The answer of course is everything. So to make this postage pairing work with the stationery--a masculine monogram with architectural design, deeply letterpress printed without ink into double-thick pearly white cotton--we chose earthtone colors in reds, greens and rusty browns that matched the card's character: masculine and organic.

Sometimes, you just get really lucky. This stationery design was inspired by the frivolous, energetic and sometimes irreverent art of Donald "Drawbertson" Robertson. The liner design looks like it could have been drawn with Sharpies in bold shades of blue and red. Finding stamps (with a fun outer space motif, no less) that matched the three colors exactly was amazing. #meanttobe