Adding Bling to Your Invitation

rhinestone spill 
ParfaiCrystal rhinestones are an enchanting embellishment for any invitation. And I do mean any--because rhinestones don't always look like jewelry, sometimes they're jet black and look more industrial than whimsical. They come in so many colors, you're sure to find one that works with your piece. Applied the right way, they add drama and elegance.

We use hot-fix rhinestones and apply by hand with a special tool that heats up the backside so it sticks. In other words, no messy glue applications. If you're doing it yourself, it's worth the small investment to get the tool. It comes with different size applicators that you swap out so you can use it with a variety of rhinestone sizes.

For position, I like to use it to, say, dot one "i", or to embellish a decorative element. Rhinestones are darling on place cards and table signs, too. I like the rhinestones that are just about 1/8" in diameter for a couple of reasons.

First, the smaller rhinestones don't add too much bulk to the piece if it will go through the mail. Rhinestones that are tucked into an envelope do run the risk of damaging the envelope through the mail. If you do mail it, stuff it so that the rhinestone faces the back of the envelope. That way when the post office runs it through its machines, the bulk of the abuse will be on the flat side of the card facing the envelope.

The second reason I like the smaller rhinestones is that although we use the highest quality Swarovski crystals, they are not real jewels. The bigger the rhinestone, the more obvious this becomes and they start to look more fake than pretty. We're trying to add a touch of class, not crass.

When it sparkles, a little goes a long way.

cardamom placecard
Placecard embellished with a tiny magenta crystal rhinestone by Real Card Studio