Architectural Bar Mitzvah Invitation in Gray, Silver and Blue

close up DMJ
Beautiful texture created by blind impress letterpress repeat of the name, accented in silver foil

open invitation
It's no secret, my favorite color is gray. (Not that it's really a color...but you know what I mean.) There's just something beautiful about a strong neutral like gray, that's always so elegant. It's really hard to design something in gray and not come out classy. This bar mitzvah invitation is no exception.

One of my favorite elements of this invitation design is the texture of the front cover of the pocket folder. The name repeated in blind impression is almost like the weave of a warm chunky sweater. Accenting the center name in matte silver makes this seem more like a luxury fashion label than a thirteen year old's party invitation.

Another fashion-forward indicator for this invitation package is the coordinated but not matching envelope. I love when the envelope is a color that pulls the whole package together without actually being a color specifically used on the invitation. Same for the reply envelope, when you stack insert cards in a pocket, I love to add a pop of color in the mix with the reply envelope. And that's not even the coolest color pop for this piece.

The boldest design move in this invitation is the blue liner. I have worked on thousands of invitations over the past decade-and-a-half, and let me tell you: people agonize over finding a matching envelope liner. I say forget matching. Pick a color that obviously works with your colors, but pick something surprising. The blue envelope liner is really refreshing amidst the shades of grey. Be bold! It always pays off.

Real Card Studio designed this bar mitzvah invitation for L.S. Amster Company in Scarsdale, NY.
Photographed here by Fresh Outtakes.