Details Matter: Choosing Ribbon to Enhance your Wedding Invitation Design

pile of ribbon
ribbon swatch


"The details aren't the details. They make the design." –Charles Eames

While the satin ribbon expertly tied around your wedding invitation is not the design, it is often what ties the piece together, so to speak. When I use ribbon in my designs, I like them to be a major focal point, and not sharing the space with a lot of other details. If there's icons, monograms and a lot of other design elements competing for attention, your guests won't know where to focus. Use a tide knot or sweet bow to draw their eye to the place on the design you want them to focus, which is usually the names or maybe to underline a spectacular event location.

And don't scrimp on the ribbon: cheap ribbon will make your invitation look cheap. Use the good stuff: hand dyed silk, double-face satin or cotton herringbone. And ribbon doesn't have to be shiny to be pretty, maybe it's an organic cotton that has natural appeal. Let your invitation designer choose a textile that reinforces the character of your invitation. Details matter.