Classic Monogram Wedding Invitations in Blush and Black

gloves and invite
Elegant wedding invitation letterpress printed in black on cotton paper with blush pink backer.
entire suite
Coordinated from save the date through stationery for writing those thank you notes after the wedding.
Sometimes the simplest solution is also the best solution. We started this wedding project with a hand lettered monogram that we used and then adapted as the event progressed. As an engaged couple, their monogram would either be just their first initials or both of their first and last initials, because before the wedding--when invitations go out--the couple does not yet share a last name and therefore cannot use a three letter monogram that implies a shared last name. In this case, they opted for a four letter monogram that featured both of their last names, even though they have the same last name initial, M, repeating it is necessary. The pre-wedding monogram was used on their save the date packet and their wedding invitations.

Immediately after the wedding, they are able to begin using their three-letter monogram, with just the one M, on their reception items such as the menu and of course, their new stationery.

Beautiful cotton paper letterpress printed in black ink with black satin bows accenting pieces and just a hint of pink was used for this very formal and classic invitation suite.

Real Card Studio created this wedding invitation for a couple in Minnesota. Please visit our website to find a store in your area that carries Real Card Studio. Photography by Fresh Outtakes.