Fashion First When Hiking in the PNW

Fashion first when it comes to shoes, even in the forest. Because the squirrels do in fact care what you wear.

One of the reasons I enjoy social media is that it gives me an excuse to set up styled photo shoots with my friend and photographer Kim Mitchell, owner of Fresh Outtakes. It feels like we're pretending to work because it's so much fun. If you've ever seen a photo you like on my blog... she shot it. Although sometimes I get anxious and a little out of hand ("Kim! I'm going to bake a cake... should you come over with your camera and take pictures?"), we actually try and keep it authentic.

One such shoot, she dragged me out of bed at 6AM on a Saturday to meet her and go on an easy hike to scenic Franklin Falls, not too far out of town. Admittedly, this outing was a little more "authentic" for her to be doing than for me, but once I was there, it was a lot of fun. We were there to get some scenery shots and try and show off some of my stationery in the wild. And in the process, she got some funny action shots of what its like to be me out in the woods.

(Pretend) reading about fishing, but not actually planning to fish.
Snail mail.

The outdoorsy profile pic.

And the windy outtake.