Calling Cards That Leave a Memorable Impression

vanessa mazursky
Fun with typography! Letterpress printed calling cards by Real Card Studio

Here's the thing about calling cards: you personally hand them to people that have met/are meeting you. So the job of the card is not to inform people about you, it's to help them remember you, and let them know how to get in touch.

So why do something memorable?

Typography is my passion. I love playing with fonts, carefully pairing contrasting styles and sizing lines by importance to best fit the space. Lately, I've been having fun breaking words onto separate lines, like in the "Vanessa" card shown above. Admittedly, it's a little tough if Vanessa hands you her card and hasn't introduced herself, you'll be looking at it longer as your brain processes the line breaks and slowly comes up with the answer. But after Vanessa Mazursky introduces herself and then hands her card to you, your brain will recognize it immediately. A lot of reading is simply recognition, it would be too slow if we had to truly read every word every time.You don't always have to read a complete word to know what it says. And sometimes, that's more than okay, it's intriguing.

Letterpress printed calling cards by Real Card Studio are available at Blacker and Kooby in NYC. For more stores, please visit our website.