Wedding Invitaitons with a Romantic Color Palette of Burgundy, Blush and Gold

suite w/ jewelry

One of the most beautiful ways to add depth and interest to your palette--for invitations, your walls, or your wardrobe--layer colors. For invitations especially, I think using multiple materials and shades of paper colors can create much more interest in an invitation suite over just matching all your cards and envelopes in the same shade of white. Today's featured wedding invitation proves adding color can be just as elegant, if not more, than traditional whites alone.

Of course, I love the combination of burgundy and blush. Wine colors can be heavy, but pairing it with blush pink lightens the overall effect. Now add the natural warmth that the wood card brings to the suite and tuck it into a soft bamboo white sleeve so that the monogram is revealed, and you've got yourself a rich, warm and beautiful invitation suite.

The gold foil printed beautifully on the wood card, the key to its success being that the art was not too small. Foil catches light and can be more difficult to read at certain angles, so having just the names and monogram in the foil was key to the success of this piece. Turning the card in your hands and when that gold foil catches the light, the names seem to light up. Tying in the outer envelope, we used the rich burgundy ink for the smaller text, which worked beautifully.

Design wise, pairing hand lettered script for the names and the couple's pre-married monogram (just their first initials; after the wedding, if she takes his last name, they can begin to use his last name initial in their monogram. But absolutely not before) with classic small caps typesetting keeps the look formal and elegant.

shadow suite w/ pearls
Diecut sleeve takes the place of the more traditional inner envelop

full suite on floor
Mixing pearl white, blush, natural wood and burgundy for a rich and beautiful invitation suite.

Real Card Studio created these wedding invitations for Magnificent Milestones in Chicago. Photographed by Fresh Outtakes, photos styled by Heather van Breda.