Chic Save the Date Cards with Silver Foil Printing

Wyett Save the Date

A shiny silver save the date creates anticipation for the main event. When you're planning an important and extravagant event, you want to make sure everyone will attend. Giving your guests plenty of notice is the first step in making that possible.

But don't give them too much some of it for the invitation! What guests really need to know in advance is when and where. If you're planning festivities that will span several days, be sure to include the full date range. But don't list the times, and maybe even leave the venue off the card if it's not pertinent to their planning purposes. Don't make the invitation redundant, or worse, confusing if you update details between sending the save the date and invitations if times or venues change.

Save the dates, ideally, will coordinate with your invitations but they don't have to match exactly. Sometimes it's nice to be a little more casual with the Save the Date card and use a photo. Other times, the details are not complete and maybe the colors or theme are not yet fully developed. In this instance, something clean, simple and beautiful will do nicely.

Real Card Studio created this simple and elegant Save the Date for Mark Harris Stationers in Newton, Massachusetts.