Classic Bar Mitzvah Invitation

Trendy designs are exciting and fun, but often look dated after a few years. And while it's fun to be part of a specific time and trend, some people regret not going for something more timeless.

Classic color schemes, this one in gold, ivory and navy blue, with text layouts using an all caps or small caps (that's an all caps font with taller caps for titles and sentence beginnings) keep the overall look tidy and clean, and will never ever go out of style. If you want to keep it classy, but have a little fun, choose a coordinating script or other display font for the name. Used sparingly, you get to be a little trendy without sacrificing the timelessness of your keepsake invitation. In this example, we used a calligrapher to hand letter the boy's name in a loose script to lend a little levity to the occasion.

Real Card Studio letterpress printed this Bar Mitzvah invitation in gold ink on a ivory cotton card, layered with metallic gold and navy blue. Hand lettering by Karen Yee Chan.